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Shawna Lake, Founder
Named in the top 4% of US Resume Writers

This is for job seekers who have a draft resume but still have questions.
Have specific questions about your unique situation?
Want another set of eyes and opinion on your resume?
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Many people have a solid start to the their resume...
with some lingering questions about employment gaps, age, formatting, etc.

How long should my resume be? I hear that one a lot!
When you send your current resume...
You can list your top questions and concerns to be addressed in the video review.


Personal Job Search Becomes My "What's Next?"
Even after working in Human Resources for twenty years, I launched a job search a couple of years ago and was so overwhelmed with the process. I knew then that my “What’s Next” was going to be helping others unlock the mysteries of resumes and job search. 

At first, I thought I would help friends and family in their job search. But now I’ve helped people across the country land new jobs, some their dream jobs, and then I realized that everyone deserves to know this stuff.
I work half of the time with job seekers just like you, and the other half of my time helping companies with recruiting and HR. That means I’m in this world EVERY DAY to keep both sides connected to what the other is looking for in today’s job market.   

How long has it been since you interviewed?

Is a human even seeing your resume?

Have you’ve gotten conflicting advice?
Perhaps you’re mystified or even terrified about those automated filters?
Upload your resume and received a video review personalized for you...within 48 hours.
You get the personalized video and answers to your questions.
-A list of Action Verbs for Resumes
-Exclusive Invitation into our Facebook Community


Total Value = $97
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Get this Deal Now. Personalized Answers from Resume Pro, Shawna Lake, named in the Top 4% of Resume Writers in the U.S. (Thumbtack.com, 2020).

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Hear What Recent Clients Have Said...

"Your expert crafting of my resume launched my recent job search quickly and successfully! Incorporating and editing four decades of experience and achievement in the field of health care was no easy task, but you managed to highlight the most recent and most significant. The very week I started my search, the phone was ringing. Only two weeks later, I was offered and accepted a new opportunity earning 20% more than my former job, with exceptional benefits and the professional respect the prior setting lacked. After starting my new job, the calls and emails were still coming."

Ralene - Tampa, FL

"Shawna was instrumental in helping me reach new levels of professional growth in my career. She helped me find a voice to express my career objectives. After assisting me in dusting off and updating my resume, I knew immediately I could use her assistance in searching for new opportunities. She prepared me and gave me the confidence I needed for each round of interviews and in the end, she was one of the first people I wanted to tell when I was offered the new position."

Tabitha - Indianapolis, IN
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